The Kenisha Aquafeeds is eco-conscious and continuously focuses on reducing environmental impact from the production of fish feed. All Kenisha Aquafeeds factories have modern production facilities, which meet high standards for environmentally friendly production.

The first choice provider of premium quality feeds that
grows sustainably safe and healthy food.


Corporate Overview

Kenisha Aquafeeds is one of the leading suppliers of high performance fish feed to the aquaculture industry. Our main business areas are feed for fish and crabs in South East Asia, Including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and more. Worldwide Kenisha Aqua feed supplies feed to various countries and to more than 30 different fish species.

Kenisha Aquafeeds fish feed types cover the full life cycle of the fish including larvae feed, fry feed, Smoltz feed, grower feed, and brood stock feed.

Sustainability Policy

In the past, Kenisha Aquafeed’s products and activities have been focused on three central aspects of our operation – health, environment and economy. Now, we work to optimize and strengthen sustainability in these three areas through our sustainability concept and programme. Our sustainability policy includes continually improving sustainability in our activities through:

  • Advanced technology
  • Cutting-edge knowledge
  • Challenging goals for improvement
  • Certified management systems

We offer all of our customers improved sustainability and reduced sustainability risk by implementing certified methods to analyse, measure, and improve sustainability in Kenisha Aquafeed’s activities and products. Using the same methodology we strive to be an active partner in sustainability optimization for strategic positioning – in fish farming, fish processing and logistics.

Kenisha Aquafeeds

Species and Products

Kenisha Aquafeeds supplies high performance feeds to more than 30 different fish species from cold water species like salmon, trout, cod, and halibut to Mediterranean and tropical fish species like bass, bream, meagre, cobia, tilapia and shrimp.

Specific feed ranges available vary according to region and according to the primary fish species farmed in each region and special conditions such as climate and farm types. For more information on feed types and product lines available in your area check out the web sites of our local sales companies across the world.

Code of Conduct

Kenisha Aquafeeds strives to ensure a high level of corporate social responsibility. A key aspect of our role as a multinational company purchasing raw materials on the global market, is to ensure that our suppliers, as well as ourselves, meet the requirements of the Kenisha Aquafeeds Code of Conduct. If a supplier fails to comply with the standards and principles specified in our Code of Conduct, it may lead to exclusion. Fundamental to implementing these principles is the understanding that a company must work in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the country where it operates, including in matters involving labour and environmental impact.

Kenisha Aquafeeds

Kenisha Aquafarm has 3 farms locations in Malaysia – Layang-Layang, Sungai Tiram And Mersing. We are certified as sustainable and take environmentally friendly and sustainable measures throughout their value chain..

Kenisha Aquafarm

Our Commitment

Through our proprietary farming methodology, we achieve increased quality and production of our fishes. We also look at minimizing sustainability risks by implementing certified methods to analyse, measure, and improve sustainability throughout their value chain.