Gills N Claws was established in 2009. We are one of the leader suppliers of fresh mud crabs & fishes to the local restaurants and supermarkets.

We pride ourselves in delivering fresh seafood to all our customers.


Corporate Overview

Gills N Claws fosters marine aquaculture that will create employment and business opportunities in coastal communities; provide safe, sustainable seafood; and complement Gills N Claw’s comprehensive strategy for maintaining healthy and productive marine populations, species, ecosystems and vibrant coastal communities. Gills N Claws integrates and coordinates the agency’s aquaculture policies, research, outreach, and international obligations. In addition, together with Kenisha Aquafarm and the Kenisha Aquafeeds have robust aquaculture research activities.

Regulation and Policy

Gills N Claws addresses regulatory and policy issues as they relate to marine aquaculture in the Asian Pacific Region. The purpose of this effort is to enable domestic aquaculture production within the context of Gills N Claws’s marine stewardship responsibilities, which include the protection of the marine environment while balancing multiple uses of coastal and ocean waters.

Gills N Claws’s role in aquaculture regulation includes:

  • Consultations with the AVA, NARA and other government bodies on permitting.
  • Consultations with the Environmental Protection Agency on endangered species, fish habitat, and marine mammal protection.
  • Develop guidance and work with regional Fishery Management Councils on a regulatory framework for aquaculture in Asian Pacific waters.

Science and Research

Gills N Claws has been an international leader in aquaculture research and technology development. Innovative research has been conducted by scientists within Gills N Claws and its various departments, through collaborative research with academic and private sector partners, via international and bilateral research initiatives with foreign scientists, and through a Gills N Claws-run competitive programs for marine aquaculture. Areas of emphasis have included research on environmental effects, aquatic health, nutrition, early life history culture techniques, aquatic species restoration, stock enhancement and ecosystem management.

Outreach and education

An integral part of RBI HOLDING’s overall mission is a well-informed public that acts as a steward of coastal and marine ecosystems. RBI HOLDING supports this aspect of the agency’s mission by contributing to public understanding and appreciation of the role of aquaculture as a vital national food source and fishery management tool.
RBI HOLDING’s outreach and education activities include disseminating scientific and general aquaculture information and Gills N Claws research at public meetings and conferences, through the Aquaculture Extension networks, internships for Aquaculture graduates and through the web and social media.