RBI Holding Pte Ltd in collaboration with Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), an autonomous inter-governmental body has set-up the First Mud Crab Hatchery in Sri Lanka in  2014.

RBI Sri Lanka brings you an opportunity in Aquaculture Investment. We are a unique enterprise that specialises in the production of live mud crabs for the growing Pacific seafood market.



Corporate Overview

As crab farmers, RBI HOLDINGS PTE LTD came to realise that the Sri Lankan Mud Crabs has the highest demand in the ASIAN market. Hence we ventured in to Sri Lanka in 2010. We first started our Mud Crab Hatchery at Chilaw in 2010. The total size of the hatchery is 10,000sqm. Currently we produce 500,000 instars of Scylla Serrata and Sri Lankan Mud Crabs a month.


National Aquatic Research Resources & Development Agency (NARA)


Over the years Sri Lanka has never had any crab hatcheries in the country as all their catches were from the wild. However in recent years the supply of crabs has been decreasing in the sea. Rbi Holding Pte Ltd worked together with NARA in opening up crab hatcheries in Sri Lanka and is currently the 1st and only NARA approved crab hatchery in the country. NARA In Sri Lanka is their version of Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).


In 2014, we opened our very own fish hatchery and Mud crab farms in Sri Lanka. Our fish hatchery is also located in Chilaw. The total size of our fish hatchery is 10,000sqm with a production of 60,000kg of fishes a year. We hatch golden pomfret, Chinese pomfret, red snappers, sea bass and fish eggs.

Our Mud crab farms are located in Puttalam and Kalpitiya. The total size of the farms is 215,000sqm and we produce 180,000kg of crabs a year. The species of crabs that we breed here are Scylla Serrata and the Sri Lankan Mud crabs.